Insecticide Aerosol
Concentrated Insecticide


Concentrated Insecticide

What is conventional aerosol insecticide spray?


99% contents of most normal aerosol insecticide sprays in the market consist of kerosene (solvent) and propellant gas Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). We use these aerosol insecticide sprays everyday in our house.


Please imagine, how much kerosene and LPG we are actually contacting daily?


These substances not only influence our health, but also contaminate our living condition and less environment friendly. These substances maybe more toxic that active ingredients in the product.



What is concentrated insecticide spray?


In considering these bad impact of conventional insecticide aerosol spray, our company has developed a new type of aerosol insecticide which uses plant based solvent and the least amount of LPG but obtains the same even better effect than a normal 600 ml aerosol insecticide spray.


This brand new product is Concentrated Aerosol Insecticide!



Concentrated insecticide is a specially formulated which utilized powerful pyrethroids and with only 50 ml in packing size. It effectively repells, kills and controls all types of flying insects. With just a single spray of concentrated insecticide will provide the effectiveness equal to a few spray of common insecticide aerosol in market which even can last for 4 hours.




Why concentrated insecticide?


1. Natural solvent is used as a carrier in concentrated insecticide. This natural solvents are KDM/PS18A and KDM/AO. They can be produced from a variety of plant source. They are non-hazardous, non-carcinogenic and biodegradble.



2. The size is much more smaller as compare to conventional insecticide aerosol spray in which the size of can is 50ml only. Due to the size, it is portable and convenient to bring for jungle tracking, treasure hunt or picnic. It also save alot of space for storing and able to keep in a small drawer or higher space where it keep aways from small children.




3. Concentrated insecticide is made in metered spray type. Thus, the dosage spray out for each application is controlled and less compare to normal insecticide aerosol. For room size of 30m3, you just need to spray 4 times and it can long lasting up to 4 hours.


Don't overlook the dosage spray out from concentrated insecticide aerosol, their effect of each application is same as a few spray of conventional insecticide aerosol spray!






4. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is commonly used in aerosol spray nowsaday. Using of LPG releases CO2, a greenhouse gas, driving to global warming. Due to the small can size of concentrated insecticide, we can reduce the using of LPG to minimum level in which it can be 7-10 times lesser compare to normal insecticide aerosol spray. Thus, it is more environment friendly and  safer.